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Welcome to the College and Career Center

College and Career Advisor

Cathy Burgess

The College and Career Center, located in room 316 within COHS, is here as a resource for both students and
parents to aid students in their post-secondary journey. Please feel free to come by and visit the CCC so that
we may help you and your child take the necessary steps to succeed in life after high school.


Hispanic General Scholarships - this site offers links to various scholarships for hispanic students who are planning to attend college. Go to   for more information.
                                                                                            Deadlines vary for each scholarship.

ESA Foundation Scholarships - graduating seniors with a gpa of 3.0 or higher are eligible; scholarship amounts vary per scholarship. For more information visit .
                                                                                            Deadlines vary for each scholarship.

Adelson Scholarship Opportunity - each month adelson hosts a drawing for a scholarship winner. To enter the drawing, register at

Applications for the following are available in the College and Career Center:

Scholarship Name                                                Due to Ms. Hendrix                                        Due to Scholarship Committee

San Jacinto Fair Scholarship                              April 17                                                                April 28
Area Go-Texan Scholarship                                 April 17                                                               April 28
            *see Mrs. Taylor or Mr. Rudloff  for more information.

PECE Oratorical Contest                                       April 25                                                               May 1

Calvin Harrison Memorial Scholarship           April 25                                                              May 2

Tena L. Williams Scholarship                              May 2                                                                  May 9

COCISD Superintendent Scholarship               May 5                                                                  May 12

People's State Bank Scholarship                        May 5                                                                  May 12

Mt. Moriah Lodge  Scholarship                          May 9                                                                 May 16

Texas Hospitality Association Scholarship     May 9                                                                  May 16


ACT and SAT Testing
Dates 2013-14
School Code: 441380


Test Date                   Registration

June 14, 2014               May 9, 2014


Test Date                   Registration 

June 7, 2014                   May 9, 2014